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Put a lid on it

There are so many ways a person can customize their truck. You can jack it up, slam it down, add big wheels … or your could go for something a bit more practical like adding something to keep the contents in the back of your truck secure and dry.

Which is exactly what the owner of this truck decided to do. The first picture shows the cap the owner selected to go on his Tundra, which you can just see in the background. The color’s not bad, but I think the red truck needs something a little more in the way of color.

The last two pictures show the cap after the application of red paint to match the truck. We need to let the paint dry before we can mount the lid on the truck bed, but for all practical purposes it is ready to go.

See, being told to, “put a lid on it” isn’t always a bad thing.

It can get wet … later

Yesterday we painted the bottom of this PWC (Personal Water Craft) white and today we did the top. Once the paint is good and dry the owner can come pick the PWC up and take it home.

It’s acceptable if a PWC is wet coming out of the water … but it is unacceptable for it to be wet coming out of the paint booth.

Bed time

While Chase spent his day painting and priming, Chis and I worried with getting the bed repaired on the S10.

The first photo shows Chase priming the areas we repaired yesterday. As you can see in picture two we didn’t prime the entire side of the truck, but almost.

Pictures three and four show the replacement bed side. We won’t use the floor, front part of the bed or the inside wall and fender well that was included with the side. With a little bit of skill and a lot of patience we will strip the outer skin off the replacement piece and attach it to the customers truck bed. This is far easier and produces a much neater repair than actually using the entire replacement piece in the repair.

The last two photos, numbers five and six, show the bed mended. But I don’t know about that gold color … I’m thinking a nice red would be better.

Bedside manner

This poor S10 pickup has seen it’s fair share of misery. The victim of several different minor altercations, the owners decided that enough was enough and it was time to make the truck look as it once did.

You can see in the first two pictures that the worst damage is on the right bedside. The scar runs the entire length of the bed and disfigures an otherwise nice looking little truck.

In the second and third pictures we have removed the bed from the truck so that we may repair it. It always strikes me as mildly amusing when the bed of a truck is removed because it always looks so much different than the way you expect a truck to look … kind of like a shaved cat.

The next two photos, numbers five and six, show some additional minor damage on the cab of the truck. We will be repairing these issues along with the bedside.

In the last photo, number seven, you can see where we have started the repairs on the cab by filling the slight dents and dings with body filler and sanding it smooth. Body filler is the perfect solution for these types of minor body repair. Designed to fill and smooth minor imperfections in the sheet metal,  body filler allows body shops to provide repairs at much lower cost than other repair methods.

While we are able to repair the cab, we will be replacing the bedside because it is a bit too far gone to economically repair. In other words, I can replace it cheaper than I can repair it. That part of the repair will start as soon as the part arrives.

Parking lot acne

This Honda Element is in the shop to have have some parking lot acne cleared up. The damage is very light, but who wants to drive around with schmutz on their car?

Paint … it’s like Clearasil for your car.

No car? No problem!

Chase is wiping this PWC (Personal Water Craft) with a cleaner to remove any waxes and oils prior to painting. The owner wants the entire PWC painted a bright white so we’re going to hook him up.

You want to do business with JMC AutoworX but you don’t have a car, truck, van, SUV or motorcycle? No problem! This is the second “boat” I have painted and I even painted an airplane once. If you can get it to the shop, I can paint it.

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