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What dent?

This Toyota Tundra had a slight dent in the roof where a branch of a falling tree hit it. Had the entire tree come down on the truck the damage would have been far worse that the little dent we repaired.

But even small dents can be unsightly and the owner  wanted it repaired. So we did.

I would point out in the pictures where the dent was, but you can’t see it … which is the idea.

One piece at a time

We are getting this Chevrolet S10 together once piece at a time. While Chris worked on finishing up the repairs to the bed, Chase was busying painting the cab of the truck.

The first picture shows Chris smoothing up the welds so after paint you won’t even know the bedside had been replaced.

The second and third picture is of the cab of the truck after the application of the base coat. The base coat is the actual color of the truck, red in this case, but as you can see it dries to a dull flat finish. It is the clear coat that actually provides all the gloss as well at the protection for the paint..

Pictures four and five show the bed after all the repairs have been completed and the areas where the bed was welded together covered in primer. The primer will protect the repair from the element so the repaired section will be just as rust proof as it was when it was delivered from the factory.

In the last two photos, numbered one and two again, you can see that we have the truck and bed painted and clear coated. If you compare the pictures of the cab in the last two pictures with the pictures of the cab in the booth you can see how the clear coat brings out the gloss of the paint.

Now that the truck is painted we just need to get all the pieces back together so we have a truck and not several truck shaped pieces.

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