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All hands on deck

Normally the way it works around the shop is Chase will be working on one thing and Chris, or Chris and I, will be working on another. But not today. Today it was all hands on deck for work on the El Camino.

The first order of business was to finish filling in the dents inside the bed. I had already applied and sanded a couple of layers of body filler a few weeks ago, but they still needed some help. The first picture shows me smearing more body filler to smooth out the uneven areas.

The second picture has Chase grinding away bed liner from where we don’t want or need it. Using the Raptor Liner as a rust preventive and sound deadner works great … but no matter how carefully we mask or apply it, it always seems to end up somewhere we didn’t want it and has to be removed. In this case, along the front, bottom edge of the bed and the inside lip of the wheel wells.

The third picture is Chris doing what Chris does best … sand. But Chris didn’t get to have all the fun today. Chase and I also got in on the fun today by helping sand. By nine o’clock this morning there was at least one, but sometimes as many as three people working on the car at one time.

The reason we were hammering on the car today is because I had made up my mind that today we were going to get this ol’ girl in primer if it killed us. You can see in the fourth photo that we made it because I am masking the car to get it prepared for priming.

I am wiping the car down with a cleaner in picture five to make sure that all the oils from our hands are removed prior to priming.

Finally, about four o’clock this afternoon, we started priming. Chase started the process, but as you can seen in picture six, I finished it. It was a long day, but I was determined to get the car primed today … and we did.

The last five photos, numbers 7-11, show the car after the last coat of primer has, mostly, dried. The car looks good in it’s coat of primer, but I did uncover a problem. We are going to have to rework the right quarter panel behind the rear wheel because after the primer covered over the splotchy appearance caused by the body filler I could tell that the body line was a little wavy behind the rear wheel. The panel is not uneven, but in working out all the damage on that section of the panel the body line has gotten out of alignment and appears to have a hump in it.

It’s not the end of the world, and this is the kind of thing that turns up on these big restoration projects as you move through the process. Because this is a high end restoration, a show car if you will, the body line needs to be dead straight.

It’s not a problem that a little more sanding and body filler can’t fix.

Also red-dy to go

First thing this morning we got cracking on this Tundra. The only things that needed doing today was to get the bed cover installed, get the truck cleaned up, and get it back to the customer.

You can see in the first picture Chris installing the support system for the cap. After a bit of fiddling and a lot of head scratching, he finally sorted out how the cap connected.

In the second picture Chris, Chase and I manhandled the cap onto the truck and locked it down. It took a bit of adjustment to get everything lined up like it should be, but it basically just snapped into place.

The third and final picture is the truck ready to go back to the owner. I like the way the cap looks on the truck. Practical and good looking … not a combination you find just every day.

Red-dy to go

Now that the paint is dry and the bed is back on the truck, this little red truck is red-dy to go back to it’s owner.

Though this truck wasn’t as mangled as some we have seen, you have to admit it looks better than it did when it arrived.

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