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I sneer at pain

This Nissan Altima is in the shop to have it’s nose fixed. You can see in the first picture that is sneering at the damage, even though it looks like it took a pretty good pop.

The second picture is the one that really tells the tail. If you look carefully at the brace just in front of the radiator there is a slight curve to it. It’s not suppose to do that, that brace is should be straight.

Oh well, nothing a few days in the JMC AutoworX shop can’t straighten out.

A for effort

It has been a crazy week around the shop. I was out for class Monday, Chase is out for class yesterday and today. That’s my excuse for not doing a better job getting pictures … and I’m sticking to it.

Take this Civic for example. It came into the shop Monday with some damage on the rear bumper along with some light damage to the trunk. The driver following swerved to avoid colliding with the rear of the Civic … and he almost made it too, so “A” for effort to him, but the car was still damaged.

The first picture is of the car fresh out of the paint booth. The paint is still so soft when this picture was taken we couldn’t even unmask it yet less we run the risk of pulling the paint off.

The last two pictures are of the car after the masking is removed and the new bumper installed.

The car had only slight cosmetic damage when it arrived, but it still looks better now that we have given it some professional grade TLC.

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