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Back again

Near the end of August this 370Z convertible was in the shop to have the hood and trunk painted. Something had happened to the paint that made it look … well … to not put to fine a point on it, made it looked rough.

I guess the owner decided that this little section that covers the roof when it is stowed, a bit we didn’t repaint the first time, bothered him, so the car is back in the shop to have this piece repainted also.

The first picture is the panel in the booth after the base coat has been applied but before the clear coat, which explains its dull appearance. The second picture is of the car after the panel has been installed.

I liked the color on this car a lot when it was here the first time … and I haven’t changed my mind at all.

Before and after

A lot of people complain about how “cheaply” cars are made these days … and their may be some merit to that argument. But as someone who does body work on both old iron and new, I can tell you that simple bumper repairs are a lot easier on new cars.

Take this bumper from a Hyundai. The owner owner provided the part and just wanted us to paint it. He is going to install it himself. A few clips, a couple smacks with the hand and dozen screws and the bumper will be on the car. Old Detroit iron … I wish it were as easy.

Here are the before and after shots. The first picture is the bumper as I received it, the second as I gave it back.

A quick fix

We take a lot of pride in our work here at JMC AutoworX; we pride ourselves on the fact that when we do a job, we do it right. Sometimes, however, the customer just wants a quick fix. Depending on the job, we will sometimes take the work, other times not. This time, we did.

The owner of this Ford truck just wanted the bumper pushed out enough to get the valance panel back on. OK … we can do that.

We first hooked the PortaPower up and pushed the bumper out. A PortaPower is a hydraulic ram designed to apply massive amounts of force, 10,000 pounds of force in this case, to move and straighten structural parts of a car.

After we pushed the bumper out we used a BFH (Big Fat Hammer) to pound the bumper, more or less, straight.

After we spent a few minutes pushing and pounding, the customer left happy with the repair. And in the end, another satisfied customer is what it is all about.

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