Consoling the owner

Several weeks ago the owner of the blood red 1965 Chevelle we painted dropped this console of to be modified and painted. We have been working on it, off and on, since. Today we finally got around to priming it.

The first two photos show me applying the etching epoxy primer. This is sprayed on bare metal so all the subsequent layers will adhere.

The next two photos, numbers three and four, are after the application of the high solids primer. This primer is used to fill any imperfections in the surface. We will block sand most of this material off to smooth and refine the surface.

Blocking is a technique where sandpaper is attached to a semi-ridged plastic block so that the sandpaper cuts hard into high spots while gliding lightly over low spots. This removes material from the high areas until the surface is dead smooth and even. This is the same material and technique we use to produce our High Performance Finish, but we won’t finish the console to the same high luster finish.

JMC AutoworX is primarily a paint and body shop … but doing some interior work is a nice change of pace.

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