Keeping it cool

In a collision that damages the front of a car, it is not unusual to have to replace the radiator. This Nissan Altima is no exception.

In the first picture Chris is slipping the new radiator into place. The radiator support has already been installed. Though the car wasn’t leaking fluids the radiator was warped and needed to be replaced to insure that the engine received adequate cooling. You can see the damaged condenser lying, not quite flat, on the ground behind Chris.

The second picture shows that all the plumbing has been hooked up. The water you see in the picture is from rain, not leaks in the cooling system.

Since the mechanical repairs are complete, we started on the cosmetic repairs. The third and final photo shows the car with the replacement hood in place to replace the one that gave the car a sneering expression.

We still need to whip together the front bumper and grille, and of course add some paint, but this repair is well underway.

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