Daily Archives: October 2, 2012

Bandaging up the scrapes

Yesterday we prepared the Pilot for paint by getting the scratches sanded smooth. Today we covered them with paint to make them disappear.

The first two pictures show the SUV masked off and ready to paint. We didn’t get any “in process” shots because we were busy in the shop, but you can see in the last two photos, numbers three and four, the truck came out nice.

Tomorrow we will start putting this Pilot back together so it can be returned to its owner looking like the vandalism never happened.

Hey you! In the mask!

Here is the Nissan Altima that had the radiator put in yesterday partially masked and waiting it’s turn in the paint booth. We will have to do more masking on the car once it goes in the booth, things like the tires and the plastic drape, but every bit we do before it goes in the booth saves that much time once it is in the booth.

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