Daily Archives: October 3, 2012

Help! The cars! They’re closing in!

We had a good day in the shop. We primed a couple of spots on the El Camino. An Hyundai arrived with a dinged up rear bumper. We are wet sanding and polishing a 1969 Mustang, one of our previous High Performance Finish, cars to bring the shine back up after some trees left some kind of film on the paint.

But you won’t see any of that today … because I can’t get to the (censored) camera! The camera is laying way over on the other side of the shop on the tool box … and as you can see, it is wall-to-wall cars in there today. There is even one in the paint booth. The paint isn’t wet … I just didn’t have anyplace else to park one.

I wasn’t ready to start crawling over cars to get it, so the pictures we took today will go up tomorrow. Today … I will have to make do with this one taken with my cell phone.

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