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A quick repair

Sometimes, when the moon and stars are in perfect alignment, we can turn around a job pretty quickly. Take this Hyundai for example. It looks like we fixed this scuffed rear bumper in just one day. We’re quick, but we’re not that quick.

The first two pictures show the car as it arrived yesterday. Not a horrible scar on the bumper, but this is a very nice, nearly new car. Who wants to drive around with their car all scuffed up?

The third picture was taken after the bumper was painted. We were able to get the bumper painted so quickly because the bumper was undamaged … all we had to do was scuff up the paint so the new paint would stick.

The fourth and final picture shows the repaired bumper back on the car. The bumper wasn’t horrible before but it is better now.

So yes, this repair took two days to complete despite the way it looks in the post. But two days … that’s still pretty darn quick.








Spray and buff

Here is the Honda Pilot fresh from the automotive equivalent of the plastic surgeon … a paint and body man.

Looking at the vehicle now you would never know that it once had two disfiguring scars down it’s flanks, one on each side.

Plastic surgeons make people look years younger with a little nip and tuck … well … I do the same with cars, but with a spray and buff.

Attitude adjustment

The Nissan Altima finally got it’s turn in the booth, and look what happened! The sneering, snarling car that arrived has been transformed into the happy, smiling car the owner loves.

The first picture shows the car fresh out of the paint booth to make room for another car. The paint is still very tender at this point, but nothing bakes a finish on like the ol’ sun. Sometimes on pretty days, after the paint has a chance to harden a little, we will pull the cars out and let the sun work it’s magic.

The second photo is the new bumper for the Altima in the booth, freshly painted.

In the third picture you can see Chris lying down on the job again. In his defense that is just about the only way to reach the clips as screws under the bumper.

The last four pictures, numbers 4-7, show the car all put together and smiling again. It looks a lot better with a smile than a sneer, don’t you think?

All it took was a little attitude adjustment.

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