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Putting paid to all the work

It has been a long time coming … but today we finally put paid to all the rust repair, body filler and sanding that we, and others, have been doing for the last nine months.

The first four pictures are of the El Camino in the booth masked up and ready to spray. You can see that I am doing the rough cleaning, blowing dust off the car in the first two pictures.

Photographs five and six are of me wiping down the car with a strong cleaner to remove any oils left on the car from us touching it. Notice I am wearing gloves to avoid any accidental contact with the car. Cleaning is second only to sanding in importance for producing a high quality, long lasting finish. If there is any oil or dirt left on the car when it is painted you run the risk of the paint not adhering properly in that spot and failing in the future.

After the car is cleaned, the base coat is applied. You can see me shooting the base in pictures seven and eight. This is going to be a High Performance Finish, but the paint looks so dull in these picture. There is a reason for that … the paint is dull. The base coat is the first stage of the two-stage paint system we use here at JMC AutoworX. The base coat is only to provide the color for the finish. The gloss, that comes later with the second stage.

The next five picture, numbers 9-13, show what happens when the second stage, the clear coat, is applied. Not only is the base coat covered by a tough protective layer, the finish goes from blah to blam!

Because this is a High Performance Finish, this is not the final step in making the car shine. We will, after the paint is thoroughly dry of course, wet sand, to remove any imperfections, then buff, to remove the sanding marks, to kick the finish up another notch.

But I have to say … it looks pretty good just sitting in the booth.

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