Daily Archives: October 8, 2012

Making hay

Friday we painted the El Camino in it’s beautiful Blackberry Pearl livery. Since we don’t have a lot of collision work scheduled this week, it’s time to make hay on the El Camino to try an meet the January deadline.

The first picture is of Chris (in orange) and Jordan taping up the El Camino so that we can paint the inside and firewall. Long time readers of this blog might recognize that Jordan is a former employee of JMC AutoworX. He is back this week helping out.

The last three photos are of the El Camino with today’s painting complete. We painted the firewall, dash and back wall in the same black semi-gloss egg shell finish that we used on the inner-fenders and underside of the hood.

We are approaching the end of the painting … reassembly will start soon.

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