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Odds and ends

We have been hammering on the El Camino all week, but today was a bit of a coast. The next big step is the installation of the engine and transmission and we are running out of things to do on the car until that step is complete.

These three pictures are of some items that still need a coat of paint, so they are in the booth for their primer coats. The first two pictures are of the console that is going into the car, the third is the plate that covers the rear passenger foot well if this were a Chevelle instead of an El Camino. What El Camino owners call the smuggler’s box.

Just word of advice … don’t smuggle anything in there that you need in a hurry because the plate is held down with a whole bunch of screws.

Taken’ it to the hood

We are beginning to wind down work the El Camino this week so we are starting to devote some time to other projects. In this picture Jordan is blocking the hood on the bent ’67 Chevelle that arrived a few weeks ago.

Sanding isn’t glamorous work, but it is vital work for the High Performance Finish.

Pushing it to the red line

We finished up the console for the ’65 Chevelle today. Yesterday we painted the console in basic black. Today … today we added some pizzazz.

The first two pictures show the console all masked off and painted red. Red? That’s right, red. Just watch what happens when the mask comes off.

The last four pictures show the completed console with the red, the same red that is on the outside of the car, in place. Now I ask you … does it look good or what?

Yeah, I think so too.



















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