See ya later, alligator

Today the El Camino left for Murphy Rod & Custom to have all the mechanical bits installed, things like the drive train, brakes, fuel system, steering and air conditioning. You can see it going on the truck in the first two pictures. What the pictures don’t show is that the truck hadn’t much more gotten out of the drive when the heavens opened up. Sigh … Well, that is why we apply the bed-liner inside, but Kelly is going to have fun sopping up all the water out of the thing.

Since Kelly is going to install the rest of the braking system, we had to get cracking on getting the brake booster and master cylinder painted. You can see the power brake booster in picture three and the master cylinder in picture four painted in the same semi-gloss black as the rest of the car. The owner is going to have to take care to not spill brake fluid on the parts, or if he does it will need to be wiped up promptly. It is worth the hassle and extra care because I think it looks a lot better painted.

The last picture, number 5, is of one of the hood hinges. Since we were painting, might as well paint everything, right?

The car will be gone for a couple of weeks or so before it comes back here for wiring and final assembly. But while it is gone we can make some progress on some of the other projects that have been languishing while we worked on the El Camino.

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