Ready to roll

First thing this morning we jumped in with both feet to get the wheels painted. We needed them painted and dry enough to handle as soon as possible so we could clear the booth for other projects.

The first picture shows one of the wheels after the application of the flat black paint. It looks a bit glossy in this photo because the paint is still wet.

The second photo shows the tires all lined up after being under the (paint) gun. For some reason every time I see this picture I think of life vests. I’m not sure why …

The third picture shows one of the wheels painted, dry, unmasked and ready to roll. The paint isn’t dead flat but the flash on the camera makes the paint look more glossy than it appears in person.

The last photo, number 4, is of the center caps.  Even though they are painted with the same paint as the wheel, the silver color underneath the paint really bounces the flash and makes them look much lighter and far more glossy than they appear in person. Seems like I just heard that somewhere …

The truck these wheels go on is a High Performance Finish truck we did a couple of years ago. I’m quite proud of that build because it tends to dominate in any show it appears. I can’t take all the credit for the way the truck turned out though because fabricator, the engine builder and the interior guy turned out some fantastic work as well.

If you want to see more of the truck, click the 1971 Chevrolet C10 Custom-Rod in the Category pane to the right … or you can click right here.

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