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Basic black

Basic black. It looks good on anything. Take this Chevelle for example. After spending a bit over a week sanding our fingers to the bone we are, finally, ready to add some zing! to this car. All the boring stuff is behind us, at least on these parts, so it is time to party.

In the first photo Chase is laying down a coating of the urethane sealer. The sealer, strangely enough, seals all the fillers and primers below it and provides a smooth, consistent color, base for the paint. The sealer is available in seven shades of gray, from nearly white to almost black. The darker the paint, normally, the darker the sealer. The paint on this car is black so this is the darkest of the available colors.

The second photo shows all the parts with the first base coat applied. We will apply anywhere from three to five coats of base to ensure good coverage and uniform color. With all the parts stacked up in the booth like that it is like running a obstacle course in there trying to move around without touching anything.

You will notice in the second picture that the parts look, well, dull … flat even. How can we make a High Performance Finish out of that? The secret is in the paint. The base coat, which you see in picture two, dries to a near flat finish. It’s not supposed to be glossy, it’s job is to provide the color and nothing else.

Photos three through eight demonstrates quite clearly (no pun intended) what happens when the clear coat goes on. JMC AutoworX, as do most paint shops, use a two stage paint system. The base coat is the first stage and provides the color. The clear coat is the second stage and provides luster and protection to the finish.

Black is a great color to paint. When you get it right, as we have here, there is nothing else out there that will provide the gloss and reflective properties of black paint. It become a mirror.

But as good as these parts look now, and they do look very good, we still have more to do. A good finish simply won’t do for a High Performance Finish, we want a great finish and will settle for nothing less. 

Before this becomes the finish this car deserves, a High Performance Finish, we will sand the paint, twice, and buff it three times, to reveal the true beauty lurking just below the surface.

Then … and only then, will you see what basic black really looks like.

It’s a secret

Yesterday we painted the door on the Frontier … but for some reason neglected to get a picture of it. No matter, here’s the door mounted back on the truck. You can’t tell by looking which door was damaged.

And that is exactly how it should be.

Psst! Hey! It was the rear door. Shhh … don’t tell anyone.

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