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That’s better

Kelly Murphy, the fabricator, needed these brackets off the old steering column to install the new steering column. The brackets were a little … I think the term is yucky … so we cleaned them up and gave them a quick coat of paint so they looked like something.

The car has come too far to start taking shortcuts now.

Into the looking glass

Today we worked on finishing up the polishing of the parts that are painted to bring them up to the mirror like gloss of the High Performance Finish.

The first photo shows the right fender after all the polishing is complete. The reflection, as good as it is, does nothing to improve my Nixon imitation.

The second photo shows the left fender after wet sanding. It looks almost like a primer coat doesn’t it? So dull … so flat …

In picture three Chris works to put some life back into the paint. The dullness resulting from the wet sanding is no match for a high-speed polisher in competent hands.

Picture four shows the left fender after all the sanding and polishing are complete. It looks pretty darn good I think. In fact, if you look at picture five, you see a photo of the inside of the shop. But look closely … that’s not a picture of the inside of the shop at all … that is a picture of the inside of the shop reflecting in the fender. That is what a High Performance Finish looks like.

Picture six shows Chase and Chris putting a little double-team action on the trunk lid. If one polisher is good then two should be twice as fast. Something like that.

Picture seven is another one of those fun house angle shots … but like photograph number five, you aren’t really seeing what you think you are seeing. Like photograph five this isn’t really a shot of the sky, tree and building … this is a shot of the sky, trees and building reflecting in the paint on the trunk lid. We all thought that a picture or two of trees in their fall color would bring a bit of … artistry … to the joint.

We spent most of the day sanding and polishing paint, but we found enough time to spray some paint today too. The last picture, number eight, show a couple of door hinges for the Chevelle cleaned up and painted. We wouldn’t want a car as nice as this one is going to be driving around with dirty door hinges how would we?

I said early on that black paint and the meticulous care that goes into into producing the High Performance Finish produce some near magical results. Here is some photographic evidence in support of that claim.

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