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Let’er rip

After nearly three weeks of no collision work, today we put our shoulders back to the grindstone. Not that’s I’m complaining … it’s great how much work we were able to get done on our project cars during the lull. Getting those caught up has taken a load off my mind.

Today this Toyota Camry arrived with a ripped rear bumper and some minor scuff and scratches on the front bumper. You can see the ripped place in the first picture. I took some pictures of the front bumper but the photo’s don’t show anything so I will focus on the rear bumper.

In the second photograph we have repaired the tear with some high-strength bumper repair filler and sanded the area smooth so that after paint you won’t be able to tell there was repair made.

In the third picture Chase is preparing the bumper for paint. You can see the gray primer sprayed on the bumper to seal and protect the repair. The Camry’s front bumper can be seen in the background.

Picture four shows the bumpers after the application of the base coat. JMC AutoworX, like most paint and body shops, uses a two-stage paint system.

Until the development of two-stage paint, paint applied to a car had everything it needed mixed in the paint. This paint, now referred to as single-stage, provide both the color and the gloss in a single application.

Two-stage paint, developed in the 1980’s, works differently. With two-stage paint the color is separated from the gloss. The first stage is the base coat. The base coat is the color of the finish, but unlike a single-stage paint, it dries nearly flat.

After the base coat dries, the clear coat, or second stage, is applied. You will notice in picture five that the bumper now has a much higher gloss than it did with just the base coat. Not only does the clear coat provide the gloss, it also provides a tough protective layer for the base coat underneath.

Now that the bumpers are painted we will let them dry overnight and install them tomorrow.

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