Who wants to do some sanding?

Today we rolled the Chevelle into the booth so that we can apply the high solids primer. You can see the car after the application of the primer in these photographs.

The high solids primer is like sprayable body filler. It’s function is to fill and smooth any small ripples and imperfections in the sheet metal. The primer is sprayed on the car a fraction of an inch thick and after it dries it becomes a solid that can be sanded smooth.

The sanding process, called blocking, involved wrapping a piece of sandpaper around a semi-flexible plastic block. The block allows the sandpaper to really dig into any high areas while only lightly skimming over low areas. Most of the material that was sprayed on the car will be sanded off, but that which remains will produce a glass like smoothness that really brings out the beauty of the paint. Since this car is black, having the ulta-smooth surface will make the paint really pop.

Tomorrow the primer will be dry and ready for blocking. More sanding … I can hardly wait.

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