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That must have been some mailbox

This service truck arrived at the shop today after dodging a deer and having a close encounter with a mailbox. Judging from the damage, shown in the first five photographs, it must have been some mailbox. The damage is all cosmetic and the hood escaped unscathed, but the fender and head-lamp are a total right-off.

While Chris worked getting the truck torn-down for repair, which you can see in pictures six and seven, I started working on the dent by the rear wheel. We did a lot of beating and banging to drive out enough of the dent so that I could smooth it up with body filler. You can see the body filler being applied in picture eight.

While Chris and I literally hammered away at the truck, Chase was busy in the paint booth getting the new fender ready to go on the truck. We painted this fender using a new super-duper clear coat that dries far more quickly than the stuff we have been using. That allowed us to paint the panel and put it back on the truck all in the same day. You can see the fender drying in the booth in picture 9.

By the time Chase had the fender painted, Chris and I had beaten the quarter panel into submission and sanded the body filler smooth. In the tenth photograph I am feeling to make sure we had smoothed out all the dents and waviness in the panel.

Near the end of the day the freshly painted fender was dry and we installed it on the truck. Picture eleven shows Chris putting the finishing touches on the repaired fender.

You can see in photos numbers 12 and 13 the new fender, head-lamp, and chrome bumper molding have been installed. In these two photos the truck looks like it is finished, but it’s not. We had enough time to prime the quarter panel, as you can see in the last picture, number 14, but not enough time to get it painted.

That’s a job for Monday.

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