Daily Archives: November 3, 2012

Oh deer-y me

There are certain times of the year that it’s good to own a body shop. In the dead of winter business picks up because of slick roads, but the busiest time of the year is almost always fall, when the deer loose their minds. We have two vehicles in the shop right now, both the victim of crazy deer.

This poor little Mini is one of those victims. You can see in the first photo it took the deer on the right side of the car. It bent up the hood, smashed the head-lamp and generally buggered up the nose of the car.

The second photo shows the car with the hood off so we could get in there and see what other damage there may be. Because the fenders and hood is a single piece, it looks like we took the entire car apart.

In a lot of cases, especially on small cars where everything is packed in tight, a strike to the front of a car causes damage to the mechanical parts of the car. The radiator is the most common thing damaged … and this car is no exception. Pictures three and four show that the radiator, air conditioning condenser and radiator support were all damaged. While the radiator isn’t leaking there is a definite bow in it, and the air conditioning condenser is, well the term we use in the trade is jacked up.

The last photo, number five, shows the car disassembled and ready to be put back together.

Now all we need are for the parts to arrive so we can get on it.

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