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Who are those masked men?

Yesterday was all Plymouth all day. We spent the entire day sanding on the parts we have in the shop … namely the fenders and hood. After we primed the parts with the high builds primer we started blocking on the car to make the sheet metal laser straight.

The first two pictures show Chris (first photo) and Chase (second photo) sanding the hood. If you don’t think blocking a car is dirty, tiring, work, just look at Chris. You can’t see his face but the photo speaks volumes.

After the hood was blocked, we ran over it with the DA (Dual Action) sander to remove the sand marks. That is what Chase is doing in the second photo.

The next two photos, numbers three and four, show the fenders blocked and with body filler applied to the the places that need it for additional smoothing. Once the filler dries then we will begin blocking on the fenders again to smooth the filler and blend it into the fender to make the spots disappear.

The last photo, number five, shows Chase sanding the underside of the hood to prepare it for paint.

We have a couple of  collision jobs in the shop that is going to halt the work on these project cars, but we are getting close to painting this Plymouth. Parts of it anyway.

Quick silver

Today the Mini went in the booth for it’s paint. We really only needed the hood, but since the hood and fenders are all one unit the car basically got an entirely new front-end.

The first first photo is of the replacement radiator assembly, ready to go into the car to replace the one damaged in the collision.

The next two photos, numbers two and three, are the car with the base coat applied. The base coat always dries to this near flat finish. But that’s ok, because as you can see in the next two photos, numbers four and five, adding the clear coat makes that dull, lifeless finish come to life. It is the clear coat that is the magic of the two stage paint system, providing not only protection to the paint underneath, but the zing and pow to the finish to boot.

Tomorrow, after the paint is dry, we will get started putting the car back together by installing the cooling system and the various grills and emblems.

Then this little silver hot rod will be ready to go home, good as new.

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