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Time to pony up

This all original 1964½ Ford Mustang arrived at the shop today for a make-over. A two owner car, the current owner has owned the car since 1977. After these many years the owner and his son have taken on the restoration as a father/son project.

The owner and his son will be doing all the mechanical work but we will be assisting by treating the car to a High Performance Finish.

After all, the 1964½ Ford Mustang is a motoring icon, and this is one of the nicer all original examples around. Why would anyone do anything less?

Primed for action

Today was a relatively easy day working on the Plymouth. We finished blocking out the filler to smooth up some minor imperfections in the sheet metal, then we shot the final primer coat on the hood and fenders.

Sometime in the next few days we will block these panels one last time to further smooth the surface then these parts will be ready for paint.

Cool once more

Yesterday we got the hood and fenders painted on the car. Today we started putting it back together.

In the first picture you can see Chris putting the cooling system into the car. While the car did suffer some damage to the hood and head-lamp after hitting the deer, the most damage was to what you wouldn’t see at first glance … the cooling system.

The second picture shows the front bumper back on the car. That unattractive beam will be hidden behind a cosmetic covering.

The last three pictures show the car fully assembled. Once it was all together we filled the radiator and charged the air conditioning system and made sure both were cooling their respective parts of the car.

Tomorrow we will send the car for cleanup and do a check-out drive to make sure everything is as it should be, then this little gem will be ready to go back to its owner.

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