Daily Archives: November 8, 2012

Dressing the fenders

Today, for the first time on this car, we applied paint. And not just paint, but bed-liner material too.

The first two pictures show the fenders masked off so the bed-liner material goes only on the underside of the fenders. That stuff, when it sticks, is stuck but good, so we make sure it only goes where we mean for it to go.

The next two pictures, number three and four, show the same two fenders after the application of the bed-liner. As far as I’m concerned a bed-liner is a miracle product for these applications. It goes on easy, covers well, and make even unappreciated areas look good. And best of all, it will look good for years and years with no maintenance other than an occasional spray with a garden hose.

The last photo, number five, shows the underside of the hood, painted a nice low-gloss black. This semi-gloss black hood underside is becoming a signature of our shop because every person that see it is beginning to ask for it on their cars. Like the bed-liner in the fender wells, the semi-glass black is low maintenance and looks good to.

A good combination in the hot and greasy confines of the engine bay.

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