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When a car receives our High Performance Finish, we don’t just paint the outside. We take the car apart and paint as many of the pieces off the car as possible. This improves the quality of the work because we can paint the panels in places we normally can’t access … and it gives us a chance to correct any problems the car might have.

The first three photos show the Mustang being torn down. As you can see in the photos this is a very nice car. Solid is the word that comes to mind. Very little rust, and what rust there is is mostly surface rust. Having the car media-blasted will take care of that, and it will remove the old paint and dirt giving us a solid foundation on which to rebuild the paint job of the car.

Unfortunately, not all of the rust is just surface rust. You can see in the fourth photo one of the rust spots that will have to be repaired. Never-the-less, this is a super-solid car with less rust than most, one that is going to require relatively little metal work to put back right.

Webster defines solid as: (1) being without an internal cavity: (2) not interrupted by a break or opening

Yeah … I think solid describes this car pretty well.

Punching above its weight

Today the Mini went to clean up before delivery to the customer. Clean and with a freshly painted hood and fenders, this little car is punching above it’s weight when it comes to style and the coolness factor.

Barring any errant deer, it should stay that way for many years to come.

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