Another one bites the dust

Sometimes, no matter how careful you are, things just happen.

Two years ago, give or take, the owner of this Honda brought his then three year old Hyundai to me. The owner turned left on a protected green when another drive blew through the light an hit him just about the right front wheel. The car was a complete mess and a total write-off.

The owner replaced that car with this 2010 Civic. Last week he bought this car to me, once again the victim of a car that failed to yield. This time the other driver didn’t blow a stop light, it was a stop sign, but once again the result is the same. A hard collision at the right front. I find it darkly humorous that the car was hit so hard that it nearly knocked the right front hubcap off.

The Honda took it a little better than the Hyundai did. The Hyundai was so badly damaged it couldn’t move under it’s own power, where the Honda can, but the end result is the same. The Honda, like the Hyundai before it, is a total write-off.

In the last picture we were digging around in the car to ascertain the extent of the damage. The car looks bad, but once you get inside, it gets even worse.

I really feel bad for the owner. Two write-off’s of two nearly new cars in two years … neither of which was his fault. I think owner deserves a prize for being the hardest luck driver I know.

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