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Mount up!

Friday, when the El Cartrucko arrived back at the shop we didn’t have much time to do anything other than snap a few photos. But today we started hitting it hard. By the end of the day we had both doors mounted and aligned, one of the the inner-fenders mounted and aligned and the fuse block installed.

The first three photos show me mounting and aligning the left hand door. The doors on this car aligned pretty easily because they came off the car, but that isn’t always the case. The third photos shows some of the really nifty hex drive stainless steel bolts that we will use to assemble the car. Not only do they look nicer than phillips-head bolts, they don’t slip as easily when tightening. Less chance of slipping means less chance of scratching that beautiful new paint … and that will delight any paint and body man’s heart. I approve of these bolts … but then I should since I’m the one that told the owner what to buy.

The fourth photo gives you an idea of what the side of the car is going to look like. The fender is only gently attached, temporarily in place so we can fit the inner-fender.

The last  photo, number five, show the fuse box mounted in place. All those wires in the photograph will be run throughout the car to power various lights and other electrical devices. It’s not hard work, each wire is labeled, but it is tedious work and attention to detail is critical. You’ve seen the movies where the driver turns on the headlights and the wipers start? Yeah, that’s only funny in the movies.

Tomorrow we hope to have the fenders mounted and aligned, and if we’re lucky, we’ll get the hood mounted and aligned as well. Then it will start to look like a car, or truck, something, instead of collection of parts.

Clean-up … aisle three

Today the Mustang left for media-blasting. Media-blasting is like sand-blasting except instead of shooting sand, the media-blaster shoots another material … such as tiny plastic beads. A media-blast performs the same function as a sand-blast, but it is much gentler on the metal of the car.

When this car returns in a couple of weeks it will free of paint, surface rust and crud … that unidentifiable stuff that all old cars seem to accumulate.

Then we can start with a clean slate for making this car something special.

It’s just how we roll

This Nissan Sentra arrived at the shop with a minor door ding and a scrape on the bumper that needed to be taken care of. It looks like someone made a stab at fixing it but didn’t do a very good job. JMC AutoworX to the rescue.

The first two pictures show where we sanded the door to remove the previous repair.

In the third photo we have applied additional body filler to smooth the repair and sanded the rest of the door along with the panel to either side of the damaged panel. This will allow us to paint the entire door and blend the color to either side to ensure a good color match.

Even quick and simple repairs, like this one, we do with the same care and attention to detail as we use on all our repairs. It’s just how we roll here at JMC AutoworX.

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