Measuring for new shoes

Yesterday we continued the assembly process on the El Camino … and we measured it for some shoes.

The first two photos show us using a tool for measuring the clearance for the wheel and tire combination. What I thought was going to be a quick and simple job has turned into head scratcher.

The problem is the fender opening on this car is huge … so it requires a large wheel and tire to fill it up the way the owner wants. But … a tire that fills out the wheel well rubs on the anti-roll bar at full lock. What complicates the matter is the owner has a very clear picture of the look he wants and the wheel he has picked out offers few offset options to work with.

Offset, for those who don’t know, determines where the hub mounting surface is in relation to the width of the wheel. Positive offset means the wheel tucks more under the car with the mounting surface closer to the outside of the wheel, negative offset pushes the wheel farther out from under the car with the mounting surface closer to the back of the wheel. Zero offset means the mounting surface is right in the center of the wheel.

Anyway, we are going to take another look at the clearance problem today to make sure we didn’t overlook something yesterday, and see what options we have.

Also yesterday we got the tailgate assembled and ready to mount on the car. You can see that in the next two pictures, numbers 3 and 4.

We also got the left fender mounted up, as you can see in the last picture, picture number 5, because we needed it to measure for clearance for the wheels and tires.

We still a ways to go to finish, but if you crouch down a little and look at it from the left side, it looks pretty good.

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