Daily Archives: November 26, 2012

Good as new

The Chevelle is back from Throwback Custom Cars after Kelly Murphy replaced the rear window panel. The panel that was there before had been improperly repaired at some time in the past.

Not wanting to be another shop who didn’t do the job right, we sent the car out to have the old panel cut out and a new panel welded in.

You can see Kelly’s typically excellent work in these two photos. Now, after this repair, this car is as straight and solid as it was back in 1967.

Back to the grindstone

After the holiday’s it was time to get back to work … so we got cracking on this Toyota. We sanded the fender down so the new paint would stick, which is why the fender is dull.

In addition to sanding the fender, we also repaired the dent in the front fender just under the right turn signal. You can see where we primed the area in the second photo.

Tomorrow it goes into the booth for paint, both for the fender and the replacement bumper … if it arrives that is.

JMC AutoworX is open for business

We are back from stuffing ourselves on turkey and all the trimming, open for business and ready to work.

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