Daily Archives: November 27, 2012

Wired up

We have made good progress on the wiring the El Camino since returning from our Thanksgiving holiday. The cabin is now completely wired and we have moved on to the external wiring.

The first photo shows a bundle of wires, some engine harness, some not, but all neatly wrapped in wiring looms routed tidily around behind the engine. In wiring, neatness counts because it reduces the likelihood of problems and makes troubleshooting, if there are problems, so much easier.

The second photo shows the engine wiring harness neatly bundled in a wiring loom. The looms, while not strictly necessary, certainly tidy up the engine bay.

The third picture shows an example of how we tie wires, which would tend to move around if not secured, to more solid objects so they are neatly routed and stay where they belong. Nothing will ruin your day faster than having a wire abrade or burn through the insulation and begin shorting against something.

The starter is hooked up in the fourth pictures. Let’s fire this baby up! Oh wait … I still have to hook up the computer and the rest of the engine harness. Never mind.

The last two pictures, numbers five and six, show the rear harness. The harness snakes through the inside of the left quarter panel from the fuse box mounted against the firewall to the back of the car. Not an impossible task, obviously since we did it, but it wasn’t much fun either.

Another few days with this kind of progress and we will be ready to try to start this beast for the first time.

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