In its prime

Now that the Chevelle is back from Throwback Custom Cars with the new rear window panel in place, the next step is to prime the car so we can, you guessed it, sand it again.

The first photo shows the car masked off to prevent the primer from getting in all the places we don’t want it. You can clearly see the new panel as it is black on an otherwise gray car.

In the second photo Chase is applying the urethane primer to the new panel. He will go on to prime the rest of the car.

The urethane primer is the final undercoat before paint. It seals and protects all the layers under it and provides, after sanding, an extremely smooth surface so the paint lays down nice and smooth.

The last two photos are of the car after it has been primed. The primer has a bit of a gloss in these photos because it is still slightly wet but after it is fully dry it will have all the gloss of a chalkboard.

Now that we are to this point, are nearly ready to paint. You could say this old Chevy is really in its prime. 

I know, I know … that was a real groaner.

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