Are we coming or going?

Today we worked on both front and the back of the car.

In the first photo the head-lamps are installed in the car. These head-lamps are the same unites that were sold in BMW’s for years … but with a bit brighter bulbs installed. If you look closely you can just see the blue bulb in the right most head-lamp. The bulb appears blue, but when energized it will light with a brilliant white light.

The second photo is of the back of the head-lamp. We had to modify the head-lamp bucket just a bit to let the new lamps fit.

The third photo shows how you get the power from one side of the car to the other. We will tuck these wires up out of sight once the radiator arrives and we get it installed.

The fourth photo is of the high-low head-lamp switch. This is actually a starter button that is functioning as a momentary switch. The wiring harness has a few optional extras in it, one of which is a flash-to-pass feature activated by the momentary switch when the lights are off. The switch is ultra-heavy-duty for this function, and nearly silent in it’s operation, so no more click-clunk when dipping the head-lamps.

The fifth photo shows where we are dividing the rear wiring harness from one loom that carries the wires from the fuse block to the back of the car into two looms to service various functions. The bottom of the “T” that runs into the grommet feeds the fuel pump, fuel gauge and the right side lamps. The left side of the “T” goes to the left side tail-lamps. The larger loom on the right side goes back to the front of the car to the fuse block.

In the sixth photo, we are further sub-dividing the harness. In the extreme upper right of the photo you can see the same grommet shown in picture five. The loom is threaded though the factory supports and then divided again for the fuel system, lamps and other functions.

In the seventh picture you can see another section of the harness fed along the extreme back of the car. That single little wire is for the backup-lamps.

The last four photos, numbers 8-11, show the tail-lamps going in. We actually were able to test these today … and I took pictures of them all lit up … but they were so blurry from camera shake that I didn’t want to use them. Trust me, they work just fine.

Another few days of progress like the last two and we are going to be ready to begin systems testing on the car. You know … to make sure the horn doesn’t turn on the wipers … things like that.

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  1. This thing is starting to look like a car/truck/cruck again!

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