Daily Archives: November 29, 2012

Let there be light

Today we applied power to the car … and their wasn’t a firetruck in sight.

The first picture shows the head-lamps on. Well, three of them anyway. How annoying to have a bad bulb right out of the box. At least I hope it is a bad bulb. I will get a new one tomorrow and put it in to make sure but that is the most likely problem.

We also verified that the tail-lamps, brake lamps and all the interior lights work. The engine turns over, though we didn’t actually try to start it because the radiator isn’t installed yet. Even the wipers work. As we do further testing we may uncover an electrical gremlin or two, but energizing the car and have everything appear to work, and no fires … it was a good day.

The other two pictures show the right side fender on. The right fender is on because I no longer have to be in and around the engine working on the wiring. Just another example of the end, or nearly the end, of the wiring.

I have wired many cars in my career and never had a fire, or even a near fire. I make fun about first applying power to a car after I wire it … but truth be told, every time I hook the battery up for the first time I hold my breath.

It may be nerves … but it also prevents smoke inhalation you see.

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