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Three’s company

2012.12.03 - El Camino (2)2012.12.03 - El Camino (1)2012.12.03 - El Camino (3)Another day, another day of progress on the El Camino. We killed the electrical gremlin that was preventing the fuel gauge from working properly so we began to test fit the instrument cluster. You can see that in the first photo.

The new throttle pedal was delivered today. This is the second one for this car, the first one selected wouldn’t work because of the exhaust system being in the way under the car. You can see the three pedals installed in the second photo.

We have also gotten the fuel rail covers properly installed on the engine, as you can see in the third and final photo. It’s a nice little custom touch for the car.

We are in the final push to have the car ready to go to the interior shop next Friday. I think we can make it, but it’s going to be tight.

Just call ’em the dusty twins

2012.12.03 - Chevelle (1)2012.12.03 - Chevelle (2)2012.12.03 - Chevelle (4)2012.12.03 - Chevelle (3)2012.12.03 - Chevelle (5)Chase and Chris spent most of the day blocking on the Chevelle, the final blocking before paint. You can see Chase, block in hand, working on the car in the first photo.

Blocking is a technique where a length of sandpaper is wrapped around a semi-flexible plastic block. The block causes the sandpaper to really dig into high areas while skimming lightly over low areas until the entire car is smooth and even.

This is second blocking of this car … the first being after the application of the high solids primer used to fill any smooth and slight deformations in the sheet metal. This blocking is done with a finer grit of sandpaper after the urethane primer is applied, used to fill and smooth the sanding marks left by the high builds blocking, and further smooth the surface so the paint can be laid down absolutely smooth.

The second photo shows the car in the blocking process. It is a dusty process and by the time the guys were done they were so covered in sanding dust they looked like they had been ridding a 100 miles on horseback in the desert.

The last three photos shows the car, fully blocked and mostly cleaned up, in the booth. The car will be thoroughly cleaned then masked to protect it from over-spray. But for all practicable purposes, the car is ready to paint.

The we can start blocking on it again.


2012.12.03 - Ranger (1)2012.12.03 - Ranger (2)2012.12.03 - Ranger (3)2012.12.03 - Ranger (4)2012.12.03 - Ranger (5)2012.12.03 - Ranger (6)This poor little Ford Ranger was delivered to the shop today, the victim of a parking lot mix-up.

You can see in the first three photos that it look quite a shot to the passenger door, caving in the side and springing the door. In the second photo, where it says Ranger, that’s the inside of the cab.

In the fourth photo we have removed the door. The door says Level II but trust me, there is nothing level or smooth on this door anymore.

The fifth picture shows how the door surround structure and nerf bar are twisted and bent.

The last picture, number six, shows the truck with the doors removed so we can begin the repair process.

The truck is going to require some serious straightening around the door, along with new doors of course, but I think we can save it.

Ya’ll come!

2012.12.03 - Shiner showIt’s almost time, once again, for the Shriner drag Racing & Hot Rod Expo at the Greensboro Colosseum complex.

Every year JMC AutoworX tries to debuts a new High Performance Finish car that hasn’t been seen at the show before. This year, if we make it, we will be debuting four new cars, our most ever.

Since the event is held inside this is a great way to spend a cold winter afternoon and the money raised goes to a good cause. It’s a win-win. I hope to see you there!

For the eagle eye among you, this flyer has a photo taken at last’s year event and there are three of our High Performance Finish cars in the shot. Each of the cars has been documented on this site so you have a way to check to see if you are right. Can you find them? Hint: The three cars are sitting together … once you find one, you will have no problem finding the other two.

Give up? Click here for the answer.

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