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Black … it never goes out of style

2012.12.04 - Chevelle (1) 2012.12.04 - Chevelle (2) 2012.12.04 - Chevelle (3) 2012.12.04 - Chevelle (4) 2012.12.04 - Chevelle (5) 2012.12.04 - Chevelle (6) 2012.12.04 - Chevelle (7) 2012.12.04 - Chevelle (8)2012.12.04 - Chevelle (10) 2012.12.04 - Chevelle (9) 2012.12.04 - Chevelle (12)2012.12.04 - Chevelle (11)2012.12.04 - Chevelle (13)After hours and hours of sanding, this Chevelle is finally ready to paint. All that sweat and dust has led up to this moment, the moment when all the hard work pays off.

In the first two photos Chris and Chase are masking off the car. Though masking is a tedious job it is not nearly as tedious as getting over-spray off the car, so time spent here, doing the job right, is time well spent.

The next three photos, numbers three, four and five, show the car after the sealer has been applied. The urethane sealer covers and protects the surface underneath and provides a smooth surface for the paint to bind to.

The sealer comes in seven shades of gray … from nearly white to almost black. Each color has a particular shade of sealer associated with it … generally the darker the color the darker the sealer. Because this car is as black as black can be we are using darkest sealer available.

After the sealer dries, Chase “tacks” the car to remove any dust that may have settled on the car. You can see him wiping the car down with a tack cloth in picture six. The car will be tacked between each coat of the base coat to ensure as perfect a finish as possible.

A tack cloth is a lint free cloth treated with a chemical that gives the cloth a tackiness similar to that of a post-it note, hence the term tack cloth. As the cloth passes over the car any dust or debris on the car adheres to the cloth and is removed from the car.

In pictures seven and eight Chase begins laying down the first of several base coats. JMC AutoworX, like most body shops, use a two-stage paint system. The first stage, the base coat, is the color. Several layers of the base coat are applied in thin coats. The multiple coats ensures complete coverage while at the same time preventing runs. For our High Performance Finish we will typically apply three or four coats of base coat.

Pictures nine and ten show the car after the the final application of the base coat. It looks slightly shiny in these photos because the paint is still slightly wet, the car is black, and the surface is simply that smooth. Base coat normally dries to a near flat finish, and this black will as well, but it will never look as flat as a lighter color simply because it is black.

On our About Us page I state that I perform or inspect ever step of the restoration process. In picture number eleven you can see me looking over Chases work. I didn’t realize that I look like Napoleon inspecting the troops when I do that, but it is important to me that every job that comes out of the JMC AutoworX shop is as good as we can make it. Since I am generally more picky about how something looks than most of our customers, I feel that if I am happy with the results, the customer will be too. I am very happy with this car, which is typical of Chase’s work.

The last two photos, numbers 12 and 13, show the car after the application of the second of the two-stage paint system, the clear coat.

The base coat provides the color and little else, it is the clear coat that is the magic in the two-stage paint system. Where the base coat is applied in thin coats, the clear coat is applied in two or three thick coats. The clear coat provides a tough and durable layer of protection for the more delicate base coat underneath, but it also provides the pow! and zing! to the finish by giving it the depth and luster expected from automotive finishes.

For a normal finish this is were we would stop. As you can see in the last two photos the paint looks great, every bit equal, or superior, to most any new car finish. But this isn’t receiving a normal finish, this car is receiving a High Performance Finish and that means as good as it looks now, we are going to kick it up another notch by sanding the car again, not once, not twice, but three more times to ensure the ultimate in depth and clarity.

Basic black … it looks good and never goes out of style.

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