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Sand bar

2012.12.05 - Camaro (1) 2012.12.05 - Camaro (2)This 1970 Camaro pro-street is in the shop for a minor touch-up. The bar under the rear window had a bit of surface rust, which you can see in the first photo. The owner wanted the rust removed and the bar painted.

After taping off the parcel tray to protect it Chase sanded the bar to remove the rust and prepare it for paint. You can see the results of his efforts in the second photo.

We still need to get the bar painted, but it already looks better just from the sanding.

Coming through in a clutch

2012.12.05 - El CaminoIt doesn’t appear that we’ve gotten a lot done on the El Camino these last two days. After all, the only visible progress is the installation of the tail-gate. But as the old saying goes, looks can be deceiving.

Tuesday we finished testing the electrical systems on the car. Except for mounting the battery, which we will do tomorrow, the car is wired and fully checked out.

Today we spent fooling with the clutch because the transmission was missing the slave cylinder. An annoyance but not a show stopper since the part was available from the local parts house. However … when trying to install it something just didn’t look right. A quick study on the internet revealed that a spacer was missing between the slave cylinder and the transmission. A spacer discontinued by GM. After that sinking feeling of impending doom passed we dug around on the internet and found one. Whew … how did we get anything done before the internet?

Replacement slave cylinder … $50
Replacement slave cylinder spacer … $90
Having a working clutch … Priceless.

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