Seeing red

2012.12.10 - Ford (1) 2012.12.10 - Ford (2)It was such a late night last night working on the El Camino I am just now getting around to reporting what else we did yesterday.

While Chris and I hammered away at the El Camino, Chase was in the paint booth trimming out the doors for the Ford Ranger. You can see the two doors in these photos.

Trimming out is nothing more than painting all the places that are difficult or impossible to paint when the panel is mounted on the vehicle. In the case of these doors, the inside and edges.

While painting the inside of the door is possible while it is mounted on the vehicle, doing so involves a lot of masking off that is unnecessary if the door is first removed from the vehicle. The edges are another matter however. When the door swings open the leading edge turns into face the vehicle making it impossible to reach to paint.

Removing the doors and putting them on a paint stand in the booth makes giving them a nice coat of paint a snap. Granted some of the areas we are painting are difficult to see once the panel is mounted on the vehicle, but this is a way to give the customer a much better paint job for very little more money.

Quality first … it is the motto we live and die by here at JMC AutoworX.

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