2012.12.12 - Camaro (1) 2012.12.12 - Camaro (2) 2012.12.12 - Camaro (3) 2012.12.12 - Camaro (4) 2012.12.12 - Camaro (5) 2012.12.12 - Camaro (6)While Chris and I worked on the El Camino, Chase was busy coating the trunk of the ’70 pro-street Camaro in our Raptor Liner coating for looks and protection.

The first photo shows you how we masked the car to prevent the stuff from getting on anything we didn’t want it on. Between the epoxy sealer which will bind to nearly anything and the Raptor Liner which does the same, let’s just say we didn’t take any shortcuts on the masking.

The second and third photos show the inside of the trunk after the epoxy primer has been applied. This primer is really not much more than sprayable epoxy glue. What it lands on it sticks to and once stuck and dried it is nearly impossible to dislodge. It forms a waterproof, near scratch proof, seal on the metal for protection and rust prevention.

The next three pictures, four, five and six, were taken after the application of the Raptor Liner bed liner. The Raptor Liner also provides a tough waterproof layer of protection which in some ways is even tougher than the epoxy. The two products complement each other nicely and form a layer of protection for the trunk of this car that will prevent rust and corrosion until long after I’m pushing up daises.

When we work on classic cars like this we do everything we can to stop rust cold. I guess you could say we have trunk-cated any rust problem in this area of the car. And it looks good too.


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