A little dress up

2012.12.19 - Camaro (1) 2012.12.19 - Camaro (2) 2012.12.19 - Camaro (3) 2012.12.20 - Camaro (1) 2012.12.20 - Camaro (2)Yesterday we pulled the inner fenders out of this ground-pounding 1970 Camaro for a little touch-up. We are going to weld up some unused holes then cover the underside of the fenders in the same Raptor-Liner that we used in the trunk, plus we are going to paint the top side to make them look a little neater.

In the first photo you can see Chris wrenching way on the left fender, removing all the bits and pieces that are attached. The orange bits of tape mark the holes that are no longer used. It would be … annoying … to weld up a hole we needed and leave one we didn’t because we couldn’t remember which was which.

The second photo shows the right side fender out. That’s a skinny little tire on the front, but that’s okay because the backs more than make up for it.

The third photo is of the fender out of the car just before we started welding up the extra holes. You can see that we have some welding to do.

In the fourth photo, taken today, Chase is sanding the fenders down to metal so they can be primed, lined and painted.

The last photo, number five, shows one of the fenders ready to go.

Tomorrow we will get the undersides sprayed with the Raptor-Liner and the tops painted. When the car is pulling a wheelie you want the underside to look good too!


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