On the straight and narrow

2012.12.31 - Ford (1) 2012.12.31 - Ford (2) 2012.12.31 - Ford (3) 2012.12.31 - Ford (4)Friday we removed the damaged bedside and replaced it with a new one. Today we started working on the door sills.

The frame machine does a great job straightening twisted metal, but it can only do so much. After the structure of the car is straight new sheet metal can be welded in for a finished look. In the first photo we are cleaning up the weld lines so that after paint the seams where the new metal was joined to the old will be invisible. We do that by first grinding the welds smooth then covering them with body filler so the join line disappears.

The second photo shows the sill from the outside. Don’t worry, those horrible looking panel gaps are an illusion. The small rear door is slightly open and the front door is missing completely. With the doors in place and shut the gaps are spot on.

In the third photo the body filler has dried and been sanded smooth, hiding the repair. The areas where the two panels were grafted together and welded are sprayed with primer to promote paint adhesion and prevent rust.

In the fourth photo you can see that the new bedside received the same treatment. The welds, which were ground smooth on Friday, were covered in filler to hide the joins then the whole area was primed.

Now that the reconstruction of the truck is complete and all the panels are straight with the proper gaps, all we need to do is get it put together and painted.


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