It’s a gray area

2013.01.02 - Ford (1) 2013.01.02 - Ford (2) 2013.01.02 - Ford (3) 2013.01.02 - Ford (4) 2013.01.02 - Ford (5)We are finally to the point where all the straightening, welding and sanding come good … the paint. Because this truck has two-tone paintwork and the location of the repair, this one is a little tricky to paint.

The first photo shows the repaired area after the urethane sealer and the gravel guard is applied. The urethane sealer seals all the work below it and provides a base for the paint to adhere to.  Gravel guard provides a bit of extra protection from rock chips.

The second photo shows the area after the two  colors are applied. This picture is of the inside of the door, an area that has to be painted before the doors can go on the truck for the exterior paint. We first applied a mask and painted one color, waited for it to dry, then remasked the area and applied the other.

The next two photos, number three and four, show the area after the clear coat has been applied. Because both colors receive the same clear coat we painted both base coat colors before applying the clear over both.

The last photo, number five, shows the bed masked off and the gravel guard applied to the bottom of the bed.

I’m sure the owner is ready to get their truck back, and we are hurrying to get it to them. Not only is that good customer service, but we are out of places to park things that need repair.


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