A sleek black beauty

20123.01.04 - Chevelle (1) 20123.01.04 - Chevelle (2) 20123.01.04 - Chevelle (3) 20123.01.04 - Chevelle (4) 20123.01.04 - Chevelle (5) 20123.01.04 - Chevelle (6) 20123.01.04 - Chevelle (7)Those that listen to the weekly NPR radio program Car Talk may have heard Tom and Ray Magliozzi refer to the “sleek black beauty” during their program, another name for Tom’s long departed 1965 AMC Ambassador convertible. I think you would agree that the label could equally be applied to this drop dead gorgeous 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle SS.

This is a true SS car with the thundering 396 big block and four speed manual transmission. The car is very original, sporting all original sheet metal with the exception of the left front fender and the panel under the rear window. The fender was replaced because of a collision, and was the impetuous for the car to come to the shop. The panel under the rear window was replaced because of an improper repair at some point in the past.

A black on black car, the car looks the business. Excepting the damaged front fender, this car was very nice when it arrived, requiring only a bit of titivation. Treating the car to our High Performance Finish kicked the paint up from nice to stunning. Nothing shows the depth and gloss of a High Performance Finish like black and this car doesn’t disappoint.

The owner picked the car up today and I think he was well pleased with the results. I know I am quite happy with the way the car turned out and will proudly claim the car as a product of the JMC AutoworX team.

If you would like to see this outstanding Chevelle in person it will be on display at the Shiner Drag Racing and Hot Rod Expo in the Greensboro Coliseum February first and second.

I hope to you see you there.


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