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No maintenance required

2013.01.10 - Acura (1) 2013.01.10 - Acura (2) 2013.01.10 - Acura (3) 2013.01.10 - Acura (4) 2013.01.10 - Acura (5)This Acura is in the shop for a touch-up after a kerfuffle damaged the bumper and hood, along with the right fender and door. Not serious damage, but it was a bit unsightly.

The first two photos show the car in the booth with the new base coat applied. The base coat is the color and nothing more. The luster comes later with the clear coat, and with this color it is easy to see the difference the clear coat makes.

Compare the first two pictures, taken before the clear coat, to the last three, taken after the clear coat. The car goes from drab and flat to reflective and glossy. The only difference is the clear coat.

Not only does the clear coat provide the gloss, it also provides protection for the base coat. Left unprotected, the base coat wouldn’t last long in the elements. The clear coat provides a touch, long lasting layer of protection to the finish that will keep the paint looking fresh and new for many years with little maintenance.

And really, who wants to spend their time on paint maintenance when they don’t have to?

Protection money

20123.01.10 - Raptor Liner (1) 20123.01.10 - Raptor Liner (2) 20123.01.10 - Raptor Liner (3) 20123.01.10 - Raptor Liner (4) 20123.01.10 - Raptor Liner (5)We do a lot of bed-liner installs at JMC AutoworX, but we don’t do a lot of bed-liner installs in the bed of trucks. Most of our bed-liner go underneath high-end classic restorations.

This truck is getting one, though, and in the first picture Chris is preparing the paint, roughing it with a good sanding, to make sure the liner sticks.

The next three pictures, numbers 2-4, show the truck in the booth with the liner going in. We use the UPOL Raptor Liner, a lighter duty but better looking bed-liner than most.

The last picture, number five, shows the truck done and ready to go. The Raptor Liner can be tinted any color, but this black liner on the white truck looks pretty sharp I think.

I like to think of our liner as protection money for your car or truck. Yose pays da money and nobodies get hurt, capiche? 

Ready to enjoy

2013.01.10 - Nissan (1) 2013.01.10 - Nissan (2) 2013.01.10 - Nissan (3)This weekend the projected high temperatures here in the piedmont area of North Carolina is 72° and sunny. Not bad weather for the middle of January. It’s a good thing we are finished with this Nissan.

In the shop for a crinkled right front fender and scuffed bumper, we took up the challenge of getting this car painted and back to the owner before the weekend. Any one who drives a car like this one is going to want the top down in weather like this.

In the first picture Chris is putting the finishing touches on the car before we send it to clean up.

And clean up nicely it did. The second and third pictures show the car cleaned and ready to go back to the owner with nary a mar on the beautiful  blue paint.

So take keys and put the top down. This car is ready to enjoy.

The big thaw

2013.01.10 - 370z (1) 2013.01.10 - 370z (2) 2013.01.10 - 370z (3)A couple days ago this Nissan 370z arrived with a nice scratch on the bumper from a closing garage door.

Considering that this is yet another convertible and the forecast is for a glorious weekend, I wanted to get this repair knocked out as well.

The first picture shows the bumper off the car in the paint booth. We have lightly sanded the paint so the new paint will adhere, and more heavily sanded and primed the damaged area. The emblem area and air extractor are also taped up for protection.

There are no pictures of the bumper being painted, but you can see the results of our work in the second and third pictures.

I know I said that someone was probably frosted when the garage door scratched their car. But I think driving the car top down in January, with no evidence of the scrathc ever happening, might just thaw you a little.

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