The big thaw

2013.01.10 - 370z (1) 2013.01.10 - 370z (2) 2013.01.10 - 370z (3)A couple days ago this Nissan 370z arrived with a nice scratch on the bumper from a closing garage door.

Considering that this is yet another convertible and the forecast is for a glorious weekend, I wanted to get this repair knocked out as well.

The first picture shows the bumper off the car in the paint booth. We have lightly sanded the paint so the new paint will adhere, and more heavily sanded and primed the damaged area. The emblem area and air extractor are also taped up for protection.

There are no pictures of the bumper being painted, but you can see the results of our work in the second and third pictures.

I know I said that someone was probably frosted when the garage door scratched their car. But I think driving the car top down in January, with no evidence of the scrathc ever happening, might just thaw you a little.

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