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Come together …

2013.01.15 - Camaro (1) 2013.01.15 - Camaro (2)Today was another good day on the Camaro.  Today we installed the inner fender wells in the front.  Installed the windshield moldings, trunk lid, rear bumper and tail lamps.  We were also able to install the new driver and passenger door glasses. Tomorrow the back glass goes in and a final detail and this one is ready for the show. Remember, this one will be at the Shriners Hot Rod Show on Feb 1st at the Greensboro Coliseum.

Oh snap!

2013.01.15 - Mazda (1) 2013.01.15 - Mazda (2) 2013.01.15 - Mazda (3) 2013.01.15 - Mazda (4) 2013.01.15 - Mazda (5) 2013.01.15 - Mazda (6) 2013.01.15 - Mazda (7) 2013.01.15 - Mazda (8) Yesterday this little Mazda came into the shop for some rear end repair. This is the result of a very freakish accident. While parked on a hill, the owner set the parking brake to check the mail. While doing so he heard a “SNAP” and the car began rolling down the hill and smacked a pole. Luckily no one was hurt, except for his car.

The damage wasn’t very extensive, but it was a fair amount. The pole broke the bumper, bent the reinforcement bar and the rear body panel. You can see that damage in picture number 4.

After we disassembled it we sent it out to have the rear body panel pulled back into alignment. This is very important because the alignment of the bumper and the hatch depend on the rear body panel being straight.

Pictures 6, 7, and 8 show me fixing the damage to the hatch and the hatch in primer. We were able to push the dent out somewhat from the inside so the amount of body filler would be minimum. Picture 7 shows the filler all smooth and straight. The next picture is after the primer has been applied and dried. The primer is there to cover up the body filler and to give the paint something to stick to.

Tomorrow we plan to sand down the primer, sand the bumper and put a  splash of color on the damaged parts.

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