Daily Archives: January 16, 2013

Paint day!

20123.01.16 - Mazda (1) 20123.01.16 - Mazda (2)Paint day!! Today was the fun part of this repair. Painting it. The way to get the best results is to remove everything on the panel that is getting painted, so we did. The first step was to apply sealer over the primed area. This helps the color cover the primer faster and helps with the color match. Next we applied the color, or base coat layer. Then the clear coat. The clear protects the color from UV rays and provides the shine. All that’s left is to put it back together clean it up and get it back to the customer.

Glass act!

2013.01.16 - CamaroJust a bit closer on the Camaro. Back glass went in today. We should get this one wrapped up tomorrow.

Moving right along..

2013.01.16 - Nissan (1) 2013.01.16 - Nissan (2) 2013.01.16 - Nissan (3) 2013.01.16 - Nissan (4) 2013.01.16 - Nissan (5)This Frontier damage is the result of a fairly minor bump up. Today we removed the rear bumper and used a wide variety of tools from our arsenal to fix the bedside. A  10 lb slide hammer, stud welder and a body hammer were all used to straighten this bed out. A little tugging and tapping and this bed was ready for body filler as you can see in picture 3. Pictures 4 and 5 show the bedside with all fixed up with primer on it. Tomorrow we will block the primer out and put some paint on it.

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