Reconstructive surgery

2013.01.22 - Mazda (1) 2013.01.22 - Mazda (2) 2013.01.22 - Mazda (3) 2013.01.22 - Mazda (4)Today we painted the front bumper on this RX 8. Like some other import auto manufacturers, their bumpers are sold in raw plastic. This means they have no primers on them from the factory. Special care MUST be taken when painting raw plastic plastic parts. PPG has developed a 3 step system that ensures paint properly sticks to these raw bumpers. The first step is to sand the bumper with a special sponge that has been treated with a product that properly cleans the bumper. Step 2 is a pre-moistened towel that ensures all the contaminants are off the bumper. The third step is a spray that acts almost like a glue that bites into the plastic then the paint bites into the spray. This system has never failed on me when it comes to painting these bumpers. If you ever paint one with out using this system, you will only do it once.


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  1. Jonathan,

    I want to say thank you for everything you did for my car. I am fairly new to Burlington and was skeptical to go anywhere since I don’t know anyone here. Since you received great reviews, my girlfriend and I decided to check your store out. You impressed us with your demeanor, your politeness, professionalism, and everything that makes JMC Autoworx what it is. I will send anyone I know here. You even provided us a reference when you didn’t need to, for that, we thank you.

    Continue your great work and I hope everyone knows how great you and your team are. Thank you so much for fixing my car, thank you very much.

    Tran Le

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