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Working the Pony

2013.01.25 - Mustang (1) 2013.01.25 - Mustang (2) 2013.01.25 - Mustang (3) 2013.01.25 - Mustang (4) 2013.01.25 - Mustang (5)Friday was a very busy day spent working on the Mustang. It was an all hands on deck event. We pretty much have this car ready for epoxy primer and slick sand. The body was media blasted then sent out for metal fabrication so the prep for priming consists of sanding.  Lots of sanding. We sand the body with 80 grit on DA sanders. These sanders are pneumatic sanders that sand in an orbital fashion. We use this over the entire body and the other flat panels where it will fit.  All the other areas are done by hand. We do this to ensure that the paint bonds properly to the bare metal.  In picture 2, you can see the outer wheel houses. This area will get epoxy primer as well. After that dries all the seams will be filled with a 2 part seam sealer to keep water out of the trunk and to prevent them from having to be replaced again. In picture 3 you can see the engine compartment is getting the same service. Picture 4 gives you an overall view of the body as it sit at the time of this post. Hopefully we will get some primer on here before the weeks end. Picture 5 shows the very first thing we painted on the old pony, the headlight buckets. When you take one down this far, you have to paint EVERY single part of the car. These were ready so we went ahead and knocked them out too. Stay tuned for the next installment!

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