Daily Archives: January 28, 2013

Crash up derby

2013.01.28 - Chevy (1) 2013.01.28 - Chevy (2) 2013.01.28 - Chevy (3)This truck was the victim of a much, much larger truck backing into it. The truck sustained a pretty fair amount of damage. hood, radiator support, condenser and a few other various parts we all damaged in the accident. Today we were able to get quite a bit done on it as we are waiting on parts for the other vehicles in the shop. First we removed the hood, then the radiator support and all the parts that are bolted to it. Luckily, the radiator wasn’t damaged in this accident, but the condenser was. We also got the hood trimmed out but failed to get a picture of that. The rest of the parts should be in tomorrow so we can get the mechanical part of this repair buttoned up. We will also get the hood painted tomorrow and wrap this one up pretty quickly. Sometimes things just click and we are able to get cars in and out fairly quickly, this will probably one of those times. Hopefully I didn’t just jinx myself.

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