Daily Archives: January 30, 2013

Its time for bed

2013.01.30 - Truck (1) 2013.01.30 - Truck (2) 2013.01.30 - Truck (3) 2013.01.30 - Truck (4) 2013.01.30 - Truck (5)While Chris was hard at it on the Audi, Chase was prepping this Dodge for a sprayed in bedliner. After disassembly, Chase went to town with a DA sander and 80 grit sandpaper to provide a tooth for the liner to bite into. Picture 3 and 4 shows what the liner looks like when finished. This bedliner is great for the general truck owner. It looks great, easy to clean, just the right amount of texture without a gritty feeling. This is a great alternative to the thicker more rubbery type of liners available. After a very busy week, I’d say its time for bed.

I’m exhausted

2013.01.30 - AudiThis Audi has exhausted its stay here at the shop. Tomorrow it gets to go back home. We have been very busy this week. Between a full week of work and getting 2 hot rods ready for the car show on Friday we are all pooped. Anyway, enough with all that, today we installed the bumper, grill and headlights. We also buffed out the hood to ensure a super smooth repair on this Audi.  Chris is wet sanding the hood in the one and only picture we took of it today. Tomorrow after it gets a bath, I will be sure to get a finished shot of it. I took it out for a test drive today to be sure everything was working properly and I had a very pleasant drive through the Burlington country side. Everything worked flawlessly. In the morning we will get it washed up and ready for the owner.

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